Joharah's Spring 2019 Hafli

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Joharah Presents

Double Workshop Featuring

Madame Raqia Hassan & Nourhan Sharif!

November 8-9, 2019

Ahlan Wa Sahlan founder and Queen of Egyptian dance training! The incomparable Madame Raqia is one of the most highly sought-after, internationally famous, Raqs Sharqi choreographers today!

Raqia Hassan of Cairo, Egypt is the most internationally known teacher and choreographer of Egyptian style belly dance in Egypt and the world today. She has her own very unique "Raqia technique" that she currently teaches in her videos and in her dance workshops all over the world. Raqia's teaching style is top notch. She is friendly, professional and patient. She knows just what she is aiming for and is very clear in her explanations. She always has something new in her thrilling choreographies, and her teaching skills are top class.

She is the producer of the annual “Ahlan wa Sahlan” dance festival in Cairo, Egypt.  Almost behind every successful Egyptian style dancer is the name "Raqia Hassan". 

Nourhan Sharif is a multitalented performer, instructor, producer and designer. With over 4 decades of training and experience in Egyptian/ Lebanese Cabaret & Folkloric Dance, she is a leading American Artist of Middle Eastern dance and music. Dedicated to the art of Raks Sharqi and to formulating her own expressive style, attributes exemplary of a fine educator and artist, Nourhan has carefully chosen a serious course of study in Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek, Turkish and Flamenco idioms with the most respected Egyptian teachers.

A popular teacher both for her technique and her personable way of communicating with students, her class design is unusually comprehensive including: technique, musicality, cultural awareness, context, costuming, & stage presence. 


Don't miss the opportunity to learn from these masters!

Come and get your Egyptian on!