Joharah's Spring 2017 Hafli

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Joharah Presents Egyptian Superstar

Lubna Emam!

May 12-13, 2017

Coming to Miami, Lubna Emam of Cairo, Egypt is a world renowned master of Egyptian dance. She was accepted into the dance school of the National Folkloric Troupe of Egypt (Firqua Kawmyyia) and travelled the world most of her life with this group performing. Lubna has worked closely with the famous Oriental style dancer Nagwa Fouad as her principal choreographer. Lubna has travelled the world several times over as an acclaimed performer and workshop instructor. Lubna has a very distinctive style with very powerful "heavy" yet relaxed movements. She is known for her warm and feisty stage persona that engages the audience on a scale that is second to none. Her overall style and stage presence epitomizes the true joy and pride that is Egyptian dance. She is the quintessential Baladi girl! Lubna is especially appreciated for her interpretation of the Saiidi Style, Baladi Awalim, old-style Shaabi, Khaleegi, Melaya Leff, and Hagallah. Experience her exciting style!



Lubna Emam of Cairo